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Rambler's Top100
яндекс цитировани€
TopCTO ∆ивотные


March 2005.
03/03 Members of SUPERCATS-club have Nominations and Best. Congratulate our winners!

January, 2005.
01.01 Exhibition of SuperCats - Club FIFe-club, Moscow, Russia. 14 & 15 of May, 2005

December, 2004.
31.12 Your vote for the picture of 2004-Year's competition"The winner of 2004".
31.12 Results of the competition "A picture of the December". OUR CONGRATULATIONs to the winner!!!
28.12 Few pictures about Sochi, members, judges, managers and about International FIFe' cats-Show at 25 and 26 of December in Sochi
22.12 "Sell kittens" New pictures by Mr.Valerii and Mrs.Natalia Sinitsin.
22.12 Sell of American Curl (S-Petersburg).
03.12 We have available nice British - kiitens by dad - World Champion.
08.12 The cattery SWEET WAY promisse British - kittens for sale: Silver-spotted и Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Black-smoke.
03.12 You can left Your comment in our photoalboum оставить свои комментарии.
03.12 The cattery Silver Toy (FIFe) suggest British - kittens by dad Int. Ch. Cesar Moon Light.
02.12 We have news in "Geography by the cattery: 01.12 Give Your vote in competition of "Pictures of December".
01.12 Report of the competition of "Pictures of November". OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNER!!!

October 2004.
10/20 International exhibition of pedigree cats within the limits of the Whole-Ukrainian Chempionship of WCF

September 2004.
09/30 Exhibiton of CFA, which will be held on November,6, 2004 in Moscow
09/28 British sh kittens from the World chempion
09/28 Blue and seal-silver-point colors kittens with blue eyes
09/28 Silver chinchillas
09/15 International exhibition of FIFe "WHISKAS CUP-2004"
09/15 International exhibition HILL'S CUP in St. Petersburg "HILL'S CUP"
09/15 Exhibition-show of cats will be held on October, 2-3, 2004 by regional FAU of Kherson
09/10 International exhibition of cats "WORLD CAT SHOW"
09/10 Kittens for sale

July 2004.
07/27 International exhibition of cats held on August, 21 - 22, 2004 in Ekaterinburg
07/16 Winners gallery.
07/09 Hair groups.
07/09 Standards to compare.

June 2004.
06/09 Gallery of winners.

May 2004.
05/19 Byelorussia feline center ЂFelitaї invites you to participate at the International exhibition of cats.
05/19 British SH kittens of a bicolor cream father with the lilac gene from the cattery "Istassia".
05/19 British SH black-silver cat with a lilac gene.
05/12 Photo contest.
05/12 Gallery of winners.

April 2004.
04/08 International exhibition of cats connected to the All-Ukraine Chempionship of WCF
04/05 Kittens for sale
04/05 Photo contest.
04/05 Gallery of winners.

March 2004.
03/30 International exhibition of cats at the St. Petersburg.
03/24 International exhibition of cats "Spring cats - 2004".
03/12 УChempion of MFA 2004Ф.
03/12 Photo contest.
03/12 Gallery of winners.
03/12 Kittens for sale

February 2004.
02/25 Moscow cat museum present: THE NEW SPECIAL HOLIDAY (FOR CATS ONLY!)
02/25 Regional law of animal treatment is made by Murmansk Regional Duma
02/25 International exhibition of cats "CATS ASSAMBLIES"

January 2004.
01/21 Calendar of licensed exhibitions of MFA for 2004
01/20 International exhibition of cats "Sapphire Cat"
01/20 International exhibition of cats "Eurasia"
01/15 Cats of cattery "Sweet Way".
01/14 Look "Interesting stories".
01/13 Welcome to "Cattery Sweet Way".
01/09 Look "Feeding and food".
01/09 Look "To beginning "dads".
01/09 Look "To beginning "mams".
01/09 Look "First inoculations".
01/09 Look "Training and care".
01/09 Look "The first feeding".
01/08 Look "A kitten's first days at his new place".
01/05 Look "How to get a kitten".
01/03 You can see The kitten for Your home breeds Russian Blue, British Shorthair, Scottish Fold cats.
01/02 Photo contest.
01/01 Gallery of winners.

This web-site has the new disaign and the new navigation. The content of site will be full during January, 2004. Welcome!